1. Punctuality and Regularity: Punctuality and Regularity must be observed strictly by every student. Absence from school without permission will be dealt as ‘Truancy’ and will be fined Rs.50/-per day. If a student is absent from school for five(5) consecutive days without permission, his/her name will be strike off from school attendance register.

2. Attendance : Since ‘Integrated Evaluation Scheme’ (IES) is followed by the school, student having less than 75% of attendance can not sit for Promotion Examination.

3. Uniform : Improper wearing of Uniform is not allowed. Uniform should be stitched and worn as prescribed by the school and should not in any manner be modified or tapered to look stylish.

4. Hair, Cosmetics and Ornaments : Hair must be neat and tidy at all times. Stylish and fashionable hair-cuts and colour of any kind is strictly prohibited. Ornaments and Cosmetics of any kind or disfiguring any part of the body including plucking eyebrows is not allowed.

5. School property : Students are expected to take good care of School property and premises and to maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times.

6. Mobile Phones & Electronics gadgets : Use of mobile phones and any other electronics gadgets in the school premises during school hour is not allowed.

7. Smoking and Consumption/possession of any intoxicant (drugs, liquor, tobacco products, etc.) by student is strictly prohibited.

8. Fines and suspension from classes or even expulsion from school can be resorted to for violation of rule by any student.

9. The school reserve the right to confiscate any items that are prohibited.

10. Besides the above mentioned points, any misconduct will be taken up by the School Discipline Committee.